Man, I made a big boo-boo. I scheduled the Grand Opening of my new restaurant on the same weekend as the Kidd’s Kids trip. Well, since I think rescheduling the Kidd’s Kids trip would be a bit of a chore, it looks like I’ll miss the grand opening. That’s not great either but it’s the only option at this point. This is my 4th Bar/Restaurant and I’ve never missed an opening. But, I will trust that the people that I have put in place will get it done.

These types of mistakes are happening too often. I don’t know but it seems like during the last couple of weeks, I’ve made more and more of these mistakes. Am I just tired? Am I a little stressed out? Maybe a little bit of both. Whatever it is, I need to get past it.

Hopefully, I didn’t make any BIG mistakes when I ordered all of the restaurant furniture. YES, I was in charge of ordering furniture and kitchen equipment. I went to the Restaurant Supply place and picked out the refrigerator, the freezer, prep tables, dishes, glasses, silverware, napkin holders, bus tubs, EVERYTHING. This place, unlike any of the others, was COMPLETELY EMPTY when I signed the lease. And yesterday, I ordered tables, chairs, (2) 10′ couches, 2 area rugs, benches, barstools, and there is still so much left to do. So, like I said, hopefully, I didn’t screw this up too badly!

There’s not a lot in my life right now that isn’t changing. In fact, my life is filled with New’s and No’s. New House, New Restaurant, No Furniture, No DIRECTV, No Internet, No Girlfriend, No facial hair, No Money, No ME at the Grand Opening…Man, That’s a LOT of No’s! So, I have to do something to turn these No’s into YES’S! With everything that is going on in the world, it seems so stupid to complain about No TV in my new house. So, let’s forget that I brought that up, ok?

But, I will say that living in a silent house is really weird. YES, silent. Apparently, I have 5 computers “Authorized” under my Apple ID and I have to “Deauthorize” one of them to listen to music on this one from my iTunes library. I don’t know which to deauthorize? So, I’ll just sit in silence or watch grumpy cat on YouTube!
Quiet can be good, right? I mean, I hear every time the AC kicks in. I hear the fridge when it cranks up. I hear the house creek. I hear every plane that flies over and I wonder who’s on there and where the plane is going. Apparently, there is a train track somewhere close by…Fun, Fun!!! Man, I’ve been in bed by 7pm every night since I moved in. (except the weekend). I haven’t met a single neighbor yet. That’s not like me but honestly, I haven’t seen a lot of people. There’s a huge apartment building across the street but they don’t seem to be people that are outside much. It’s pretty much just me and Curtis just chillin’ on the bed.
“At Home” Big Al is LAAAAME!