It was truly a busy weekend. And I needed another day to do more. But somehow, I fit it all in. the weekend started with a birthday celebration for my girlfriend. It wasn’t anything huge but it was lots of fun. I called it a surprise birthday dinner but she knew all about it. She just didn’t know who was coming and where we were going. I called a few of her friends and we all went to dinner and had steaks. 2 bottles of wine later we were feeling good and headed to my bar to listen to the band and to eat the cake. Since she is a surgeon, I thought it would be cool to have a cake that was a replica of the kids game “Operation.” She loved it! A great time was had by all! We couldn’t stay out too late because she had to work at 7 the next morning.
Meanwhile, at some point on Friday, I had an idea…My Famous 2 words…”WHAT IF…” since the Kentucky derby was the following day, what if I got a couple Horses and brought them to the bar and people could maybe take their pics with them, pet them, maybe even take a short ride down the road and back?! Sounded like a good idea to me. Now I just need 2 horses on very short notice. Hmm, ok, I think I know someone. 1 hour later it was set up. My friend Nicole, has a friend named Tiffany and she has horses. Boom, Done. Tiffany agreed to bring her setup and we hooked it up. Saturday at 3pm, we had a Clydesdale and a Quarter horse in a section of the parking lot where people couldn’t help but see them. The Horses were awesome and I learned the correct way to feed a horse an apple. With an open palm and with your thumb in. and since we had horses, we needed hay! I had no idea how hard it would be to find a few bails of hay in the middle of a big city but it’s not as easy as you might think. Whew! Ok, there was absolutely no time for pre-planning on this little event but people did stop by and that was the whole point. Next year, it will be better. And the Derby was actually an interesting race. Even though I know zero about horses and racing, it was pretty fun to watch. And then after the race, for some reason, people started singing karaoke from the jukebox. OK, I’ve never had afternoon Karaoke but that’s cool. Then it was time to get ready for the may-guerroMayweather fight. Not that I personally had to do lots for it but there is a bit of setting up that is required for any event. I really need to learn to let other people do the jobs that I have hired them to do. But then when it’s “set up” and not done the way I like it or wanted it, I end up doing it over. Not that their way was wrong… it just wasn’t the way I envisioned it, I guess. Anyway, it’s always funny to hear the argument between guys about whether or not a fight is rigged. A lot of guys think that boxing is as rigged just like wrestling. Maybe not scripted but rigged as far as everyone involved knows what the outcome is going to be. Personally, I don’t think it is just in case you wanted to know my opinion on that.
And then it was up early Sunday morning for Mom’s birthday party. My Sister planned this awesome party at my bar and over 100 people were in the house. Over half of them were older folks so getting in and out took a little extra time. But my sister and her crew worked and got it done. It took a little time getting all of the tablecloths put on and getting a lot of the beer signs covered up but by noon, we were ready. My sister had me bless the food and I am sooo paranoid in doing the public grace. I always think I’m going to mess it up. “Please be safe Lord.” But I made it through it and some people even complimented me on my praying. That’s NEVER happened.