I have my Global Entry appointment at the airport tomorrow. Does that mean that I pretty much passed a background check or something? I filled out the application a long time ago and now the day is finally here. If you don’t know what that is, Global Entry is what enables you to go thru a separate line at the airport that supposedly is a lot quicker and easier when you travel to and from a foreign country. They “prescreen” you, which I guess, is some sort of background check. How did I pass that? haha.

big-als-blog-082614Man, no one thought that the Bar in Mexico idea was a good one. I have to admit, I even thought it was a questionable idea at best. But somehow, someway, it has worked out. and this weekend, we are celebrating 6 years of ownership of my first bar. I never will forget the day that I walked up to a guy named “Sharkey” in the doorway of his bar in Playa del Carmen and asked him if he knew anyone that wanted to sell a bar there. He looked at me and said, “Well, actually we are contemplating selling THIS bar.” We went upstairs to discuss the matter and about 2 hours later, we had agreed to buy the bar. It sounds so simple but it has been tough. Even from the day that we were supposed to open and it had to be delayed for a day because of some issue with the city that I still am not sure about. Nevertheless, we were able to open and its been open ever since. Now, 6 years has gone by and the bar is seemingly doing pretty well. No, a person will not get rich by owning a bar in Mexico. But it is still fun and something that I’m glad I did.