I have to apologize to my friend Joey this morning. I crashed his house last night. Yes, crashed…unannounced. Last night, me and 7 friends were out watching Christmas lights. First, this was all my idea. And you need to know this about me. I come up with lots of great ideas! But you also need to know this about me… that is the extent of my work to make the “idea” actually happen. I’m great at the ideas…TERRIBLE at executing. Meaning this: Even though it was my idea to do this Christmas light tour in my Portable Party Bar making this somewhat of a Hay ride, I didn’t do much else… and I thought it would be a great idea to make a pit stop at my friend’s house at 9pm. Sure, why not???

big-al-blog-pic-121114So, me and all of my friends ring his door bell at 9. He’s inside working on his computer with a co-worker and we all just walk in after 2 hours on a make shift hay ride and after consuming a cocktail or too. Yes, we had a driver so we were being safe. Anyway, we walked in. He was very nice considering the circumstance. We basically disrupted whatever it was that he was doing at the time for a good 20 minutes and we walked out. Then when we got outside, we realized that our ride was gone. UUUGGGHHH!!!

The driver left to go get gas. Diesel Fuel is not just more expensive, it sometimes can be hard to find. Especially in a rich neighborhood! And when the truck that is looking to find the diesel fuel is pulling a trailer that is 30’ long and 12’ tall, that makes it even more difficult. So, there we are standing outside of this really nice house in this really nice neighborhood. We are cold and we have no ride. I called the driver and he was still looking for a gas station that could fit the truck and trailer. So what did we do? well, my first instinct was to go back inside the house and bother my friends more…but my friends didn’t feel like that was the right thing to do. So, we started singing Christmas Carols to make the time pass. Awesome!!! Drunk people singing Christmas Carols at 9:30 at night outside in an upscale neighborhood. Not good people. Merry Christmas!
Listen to Big Al tell his Christmas Lights Tour story below!