I don’t talk a lot about politics but I will say that what happened in Alabama was proof that even though your goal may seem unattainable, it can be accomplished. I love seeing when the underdog gets an unlikely win. It makes me feel like I can win even when people tell me I can’t. So, if you are facing a challenge that seems impossible, DON’T GIVE UP!

My son called and asked me to go to lunch yesterday and I was so stressed about some other stuff that I didn’t take time to have lunch with him. This made me feel so bad as a parent. I mean when your kid wants to go to somewhere, you should go, right??? BUT, if I had gone, I would have missed some cool guys that came by my restaurant. Dan and Nick are a couple of guys that apparently spend a LOT of time making YouTube videos. My employees seemed to be pretty excited to meet them. They are shooting a TV show here in town and a buddy of mine brought them by my restaurant to eat. I did ask if I could be on the show but they politely said that they would get back with me on that!