Day one of the “Eski-assistant” or the “Assist-kimo” went pretty well. She ran a few errands for me here and there and cut down on a few things that I would have otherwise had to have done. Having an assistant sounds so uppity doesn’t it? Well, no matter how it sounds, if it makes my life easier, I’m all for it. And having her do those things yesterday freed me up to make a much needed visit to my mom’s house for a little bit.

dog-sledYes, she is full on Eskimo. But no, she didn’t wear furry boots or come to work on a dog-sled. And no, we didn’t rub our noses together when we said Hello or Goodbye. At least, not yet!

The big Lubbock Party is coming up and I have only picked out one of the 4 bands that will be playing that day. This looks and sounds like it is going to be even bigger than the Longview Party. And the week after that one is the party that I’m having in Midland, TX. The next time I see a party planner, I will definitely shake their hand. Planning a party is HARD WORK!