Yesterday, during the show, we talked briefly about a fantasy section of Home Depot that would include some things that would make The Home Depot a place where men could go and NEVER want to leave. Home Depot is by far my favorite store in the world but can you imagine a Home Depot with a bar in it? I mean, some ladies stores will serve you a glass of wine or champagne while the ladies browse. Why shouldn’t us guys be able to enjoy the same thing? Guys, let your imagination run wild for a minute.

home-depot-fantasyHow great would it be to have a Home Depot with a 100” big screen in it? Or, How about this??? A Cigar Bar!!! Jenna already talked about having a section with an Art of Shaving chair there where a guy could get an old fashioned straight edge shave right there. How about a Massage table? Oh, my, this is making me excited. Lets add a BBQ grill where steaks, Burgers and Hot dogs are being grilled to perfection? Oh, and next to the grill you have to have a beer tub girl just in case we are too lazy to walk over to the bar. This would be the coolest Home Depot EVER! We could throw in a couple Lazy Boy recliners and BAAM! Oh, and for our beers, we need to have a freezer full of ice cold beer mugs. This idea is a total fantasy but we can dream, can’t we? And since we are in Home Depot, how about a big work table and some tools so if we did actually decide to take a break from chilling on the Lazy Boy, we could actually fix something? Naaa, lets skip the work table. Feel free to comment here if you can think of anything else that we could add to our special section of the Home Depot.