As a guy, I often have a need to fix things. I have fixed things in my house over the years. I have built a deck in my back yard. My mom calls and asks me to fix stuff from time to time so that’s good but I would like to fix a little more. But, since I have lived in an apartment for a number of years so my opportunity to fix things has been severely limited. Now, I just call the office and they fix it. But I still want to (personally) fix and or build stuff. There is nothing like the feeling I get when I put on my work gloves, grab my tool box, my extension cords, my power tools and get busy!!! I LOVE that.

big-al-blog-pic-110414So, if you need something fixed, please email me at or submit your information below. Tell me what it is that you need fixed and tell me what city you live in. And if it’s something that I can handle, I am going to come to your place and fix whatever it is that needs to be fixed.


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