Happy Friday Everybody!
Happy Friday Everybody!

It’s the weekend Baby! And it’s vacatioooonnnn, Baby!

What do I do? Where do I go? How do I spend the next week? I really don’t have any plans. Mexico? Possibly. In fact, I’ve been checking on airfares and hotels. Or, another option is to take a trip to Savannah, GA. I’ve always liked Savannah. Or, Another option is to visit my buddy and his wife in Seabrook Island, South Carolina. Another option is to just stay home and Netflix… I doubt if there will be much chill.

I did visit another bar in our search of finding our new bar hangout. It was a good visit. Nice bar, nice bartender, and good drinks. I would say that this was about the best candidate for our new bar home that we have found so far.

I doubt if I will be doing a lot of bumbling during my vacation. It’s not going well lately on the bumble. So, I think its time to fumble the bumble.

So, my vacation could just be spent searching for a new bar home and lots of karaoke??? Who knows??? Happy Friday everybody!