Last night, my girlfriend asked me to take a pic of her butt. Even though I thought this would be an awesome idea, I had to ask why. She said her trainer asked her to take one. Um, excuse me??? Is this normal? I have had a few trainers in my day and they have never asked me to take a butt shot. And I know this dude. He’s a friend of mine. Apparently, even though he is training her 2-3 times a week, there is some type of butt cream that he is trying to get her to use and he wants her to be able to see the results. What a way to get girls to take a picture of their butts. “Hey babe, I want you to try this cream on your butt. You can apply it yourself or I can apply it professionally. And then to make sure it is working, and definitely for documentation purposes, I’m going to need to get a picture of your butt. That will be $300 please!” What a perfect job!

MAT-071614Speaking of jobs…Does anyone need one? I posted on my Facebook page that I was looking to hire a few people at the bar and one girl decided to come in and fill out the application. Awesome! And then she proceeded to have a few drinks. NOT AWESOME! Here’s a word of advice to people going to look for a job anytime in the near future. Don’t start drinking and doing shots at the same place where you are filling out an application. At least let a few hours pass or maybe go back the next day and drink there. Being able to do shots is not a job requirement. That is not the way to impress your future boss. She didn’t get sloppy drunk or anything but dang…can’t you hold off for a few minutes or maybe go across the street to another bar and drink. All I can think about is how she would be drinking while waiting on tables! Common sense people! She didn’t get hired. So, as I said, anyone need a job?