I Had A Lot Of Fun
I Had A Lot Of Fun

Friday was a great day as we were asked to serve as escorts at the Children’s Cancer Fund Gala. Lots of celebs were there such as current and former Dallas Cowboy players. But the real stars were the kids. We were happy to have been asked to participate.

The next day, I was off to Choctaw Casino and Resort in Durant, Oklahoma. It was a fantastic weekend and they treated me like a king. The suite that I was checked into was the biggest suite I’ve ever seen. It overlooked the pools and swim up bar but it was all about the fun in the casino.

There’s something about being in a casino that brings people together. And that was cool since I didn’t have a date. I wasn’t sure how it would be… hanging at a casino with no date… But before long, I’m high giving total strangers as we played craps and drank. Then, I moved over to the craps table where I sat down and made more friends. Ok, I’m not the most experienced gambler in the world but I had a lot of fun.

Then, Sunday, it was all about my mom. She celebrated her birthday with 20 of her best friends and family. So, we arranged and rearranged the tables and chairs in her favorite restaurant in the whole world. Furrs!!! Yes, my mom wanted to go to the cafeteria buffet style restaurant.

Then, I made a quick trip to my restaurant to check on things and it was time to meet a couple of friends… I thought. They never showed up so I sat on the patio with two couples that were listeners of the show. Curtis was being Curtis. All up in the people’s faces. And I decided to start bumbling and the girl sitting next to me decided to help. West was her name and she was brutally swiping left but since I clearly am not having much luck, I left her do it. So, this week, I may have a date that West picked out.