Big Al’s Blog: I might be in luck
Big Al’s Blog: I might be in luck

Finally some good news (knock wood). I have 2 new managers being interviewed for the bar in Mexico today. One lives here and is a Gringo but he speaks fluent Spanish. He’s about 30 years old but has no wife or kids and from what I hear, he’s the type of person that throws himself into his job. So, there’s that. The other guy is a local in Playa that is younger but he comes highly recommended by a guy that owns a hotel there. So, hopefully I can have a little stress taken out of my life.

My mom’s dog is slowly on the mend. Little Maverick had to get 57 stitches all over his body after being attacked by another dog. The owner of the dog is a lady that lives about 3 houses from my parents and she said she would “take care of it.” Meanwhile after 3 visits to the vet, my mom has racked up close to $2,000 in vet bills. So, I hope she “takes care of it” soon. I referred my mom to my best friend who is a lawyer and we’ll see how this thing turns out.

Dr./girlfriend is doing well. As you know I can’t talk about her much. She is leaving town this weekend to go to a wedding so I guess I have the weekend “off.”

I have no idea who I should book for Kellie’s birthday this year. Last year, Coolio came in and Spinderella was the special guest DJ. It was a serious party. sirThis year, how do I top that? haha…Robe Base? Warren G? Young MC? Chingy? Personally, I would love to have Sir Mix A Lot come in but he doesn’t fly. He has to travel via Tour Bus and a “one off” trip from LA to Mckinney Avenue Tavern would run about $6,000 for his travel alone. (I think he was involved in a plane crash years ago and swore to never fly again.) Well, I have to make a decision pretty soon. The big Kellie Rasberry Birthday Bash is scheduled for April 19.