Ok, if you happen to see my girlfriend, remember this phrase: “The water damage must have been there before you left!”

One of the things on the Honey Do list that she left for me was to water her plants. She doesn’t have very many plants. She has 3 small ones and then there is the one big one. She is from Miami and when we first started dating, she was really missing Miami. So, to help her home-sickness, I bought her a 10’ tall palm tree and I had it delivered to her house while she was at work. She loved this huge tree. And it took us a while to figure out how to really get it in the right spot for sun and the right amount of water. Well, I guess I kinda forgot how much to water it. She’s been out-of-town for a week now and like I said, one of my jobs was to water the plants. I really didn’t ask her when was the last time that she watered them. but I remember the last thing that she told me when I dropped her off at the airport…”I Love you…Don’t forget to water my plants.”

palm-tree-alOne week later, I still hadn’t watered her plants but I remembered yesterday. She even asked me yesterday, do you want me to get a friend to water the plants? No, baby… I got it. this morning, I went by her house on the way to work. And there was the tree. It was Looking dry but it wasn’t dead. So, I found a big pot. I like to call it the neckbone pot. You know that pot that is probably the biggest one in your set of pots. I filled it up and poured it all in to the Huge pot that the tree is planted in. as I poured in the water, my head kinda brushed into some of the limbs on the tree and I heard them crack a little. Wow, this tree was really dry. So, I filled up the huge pot with a second serving of water. That was a mistake! I poured in the second huge pot of water and water spilled everywhere. It spilled out of the overflow thing at the bottom and it was a mess. A huge wet mess. Apparently even some of the water from the first pot had spilled onto the floor and I didn’t even notice that part! Then I started looking for the mop. Apparently, I need to buy my girlfriend a mop because it was nowhere to be found. So, I got towels, a roll of paper towels, a t-shirt, everything I could find to sop up water. Not exactly how I wanted to spend the 4 o’clock hour this morning. So, now I have to go back to her house to clean up my mess this afternoon. Lesson: If you forget to water your plants, don’t give them twice as much when you remember. OR: If your girlfriend has another option for the Honey Do list, it might not be a bad idea for you to let her use it!