Just in case there was any doubt, it has now been proven… I AM AN IDIOT!

A month ago, a friend of mine sent me a Christmas gift. He even sent me a text asking me to let him know when I received it. He also suggested that I shoot a video of me opening it (more on that later).

So, when I received the gift, I took it to my restaurant so that someone could actually shoot the video of me opening the gift.

My friend is from South Alabama. Roll Tide! The box that the gift was enclosed in was about the size of a board game box.

I opened it while my friend shot the video. When I opened it, I found a hammer, goggles and a beautiful brick. It was a small brick, so let’s call it a brick-ette. My friend has known me for at least 3 years. He knows that I like to build stuff. He also knows some of the business frustrations that I deal with from time to time. So, I’m thinking that this gift was one of those frustration gifts. I thought it was one of those things that you put on your shelf and look at if you’re having a bad day and it could help put you in a better mood by thinking about the possibility of breaking the brick.

Back to the video… My face probably wasn’t filled with a lot of joy as I opened the “brick in a box” so I just told my friend that I forgot to video me opening the box.

In fact, later that day, I called my friend and told him thanks for the gift. Even though I really didn’t “understand” the meaning behind it, I didn’t let him know that. I just thanked him.

Well fast-forward to yesterday. My friend was sitting at my restaurant bar along with Fat Whitey. And somehow the gift came up. My friend said to me, “by the way, you never told me about the gift?” I’m thinking, I thought I said thanks but maybe I forgot.

So, I thanked him again. He said but was did you get? I’m thinking, I got the gift and since you sent it, you should know what I got. It was a brick, a hammer and goggles. He said yeah… but what else? Then he asked me, did you break it? I’m really wondering why he would ask me such a stupid question… Of course, I didn’t break it. It was a gift. Why would I break it? I’m thinking, man, these Alabama people are so stupid… That’s when he said. “No you Idiot, you’re supposed to break it. That’s the point. You’re supposed to put on the goggles, grab the hammer, and break the brick… There’s a gift card inside it.”

Me: OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH… I told you… I’m an idiot! Confirmed. I will break the brick on the air today!