It’s Kidd’s Kids Day. This is the one day per year that we raise money for our annual trip to Walt Disney World by asking everyone and their momma to donate which gets our kids on this trip of a lifetime. This is also when you step back as a parent, and even just as a human being and check yourself. Whatever problems we have, nothing compares to being the parent of a sick child. It’s something that no one would wish on anyone else.

big-al-blog-090314I hope that if you are reading this blog, you will take a minute out of your day to donate $10, $20 maybe even $100 to Kidd’s Kids. This is the charity that Kidd Kraddick founded and was so passionate about and it was his wish for this trip and this charity to live on long after he was gone. So, it is up to us to make sure that happens. This trip is the best medicine that money can buy. Think about the best vacation that you have ever taken. New York, Vegas, Europe, wherever it was. Think about all of the fun that you had and the memories that you still have of that trip. Now imagine that you are 10 years old and the only trip that you have taken is a trip to the hospital. And all of the memories that you have are from doctors poking and prodding all over you. This trip takes all of those memories and throws them way on the back burner. These kids get to make a whole new set of memories that can never be taken away. So please, help us to keep Kidd’s legacy alive and help us to make tons of new memories for 60 kids and their families.

Ok, now on to the not so important stuff. CURTIS! My dog is back home. And from all indications, he remembers my girlfriend and I and he was happy to see us both. After his 5 week stay at the doggie college, I really didn’t know what to expect. Would he be a totally different dog with a totally different personality? Did college change him or just make him better and smarter? Well, time will tell.

When we arrived at the doggie school, they told us do something that would be very, very difficult to do after a month of not seeing him. When they brought him out, they wanted us to ignore him. I thought my girlfriend was going to lose it. Basically, when they bring him out, they would be walking him on the leash as they had done for weeks and the trainer would just pass the leash to one of us and let us continue the walk. A quick yank on the training chain would be the indication that he was walking to far ahead or lagging behind. Then, the trainer went over a few other procedures and ways to talk to the dog with an emphasis on the tone of our voices. After about 10 minutes of our walk and the trainer talking to us, he gave us the go ahead to hug and pet him as much as we wanted. The point was for Curtis to not immediately revert back to how he was with us when we dropped him off. Our training went on for about an hour and Curtis seemed to accept the fact that we were in charge. We said our goodbyes to the trainers and started our 4 hour drive home. Sure, I was a little disappointed that he still won’t go and get me a beer but I will settle for him not chewing my flip-flops for now.