Kellie’s Party Was Pretty Awesome
Kellie’s Party Was Pretty Awesome

I know it may be a little boring when nothing goes terribly wrong, but Kellie’s party was pretty awesome. And nothing went wrong. The food came out quickly. The band was great. The service was great. And best of all, Kellie had a great time. So, let me say thanks to all of you that showed up and celebrated with us. The people of Waxahachie, TX are awesome and seem to be supporting my new business.

As usual, the recovery time after the Kellie party was a day and a half. All day Saturday, I was dragging. In fact, I think we all were.
We did wake up early to attend a function for Kidd’s Kids on Saturday morning at LEGOLAND.

The next big event is a huge crawfish boil this Saturday. Bossman George is supposed to be giving us his secret recipe for crawfish. (He’s from Baton Rouge.)

Nothing real exciting to talk about in the dating area. I’ve almost just come to the realization that my dating days are behind me. Haha. Fortunately, I’m ok with that. If it happens, that’s fine. But if it doesn’t, I’m ok with that as well.

Have a great week everybody!