Big Al’s Blog: Labor day weekend in Mexico & Curtis Day!
Big Al’s Blog: Labor day weekend in Mexico & Curtis Day!

Labor day weekend was big fun in Mexico. It was the 6 year anniversary for my bar in Playa del Carmen and lots of my friends came down to help celebrate. One girl did not have a very good time because she left her phone in the cab (she thinks) during the ride from the airport to the hotel. I have done that before so I can totally relate. She actually left Mexico early. I really didn’t get that but that was her decision.

Then there was the whole “girlfriend is still mad at me because of the Jenna TV kiss that happened earlier in the week.” It wasn’t a huge deal (to me) so I didn’t even mention it to her. But Friday was the first time that we really saw each other and the first 12 hours of our vacation was a bit “ICY.” But we eventually, we got past it. Anyway, the first night, we really just hung out at my bar for a while but Saturday night was the big party. We had dinner catered in from one of the taco shops down the street. My manager there put a lot of time and effort into the party and it was great. We sang Karaoke there with my brand new Karaoke machine. Then the LIVE music took over to finish the party. The next morning, we all went on the ATV tour which is the most fun activity that I have ever done in Mexico. It’s a group tour through the jungle that lasts about 2 hours.

beer-bucket-bikini-090214I’m always just a little scared when we do this because there is a bit of a danger element to it. I have seen people fall off the ATVs before or just wreck out and hurt themselves. But, we made it injury free and headed to my bar for beers.

It was a great weekend for getting together in a different country and celebrating and having fun.

Back here at home, today is CURTIS DAY! Curtis comes home today from obedience school. And from what I hear, he has passed with flying colors. But the not so great part is that his school is over 200 miles away! That means I will be getting on a plane today and flying to Houston. Then I will rent a car and I’ll be driving 45 minutes to the school. Then, I have to be taught in, (hopefully) 90 minutes, everything that he has been taught over the last 5 weeks. THEN, I get to drive 4 hours back home, take the rental car to the rental car place here and then get a ride back to my house. EASY BREEZY Right? UGH. But, it’s all for a greater good. No more barking and barking and chewing my glasses, pants, furniture, pillows and FLIP FLOPS! I think I will have a coming home party for Curtis at the bar on Thursday. Bring your doggies to my patio this Wednesday for the Big Curtis Comes Home Party! FREE DOG TREATS!