Man, I have never been one to miss work. NEVER. My daddy taught me to get my butt up out of bed and get with it. … But as I’m sure that everyone knows by know. This flu is NO JOKE! So my PSA for everyone that can read this is to take the flu serious. Thank you God for your Grace. Please be with those that are still dealing with it and please comfort them and heal them. Amen.

Ok, even though I was off work for 3 days, the bad part is that I did NOTHING productive; I drank PowerAde, peed and slept for 3 days. I did watch a lot of daytime TV along with some very old movies. But, lying on the couch for days with a throbbing head did make me wonder about life. Let’s call it TAMIFLU Brain. But the sick “vacation” was not a vacation at all. I did make a trip to the grocery store. That was a first in at least 4 months. But even though I’m normally never home, I had cabin fever. The good news is that I’m feeling better. Don’t forget…Let’s all send up a special prayer for everyone that is sick today!

Side note, I think I have a date Friday night. No idea where we are going or what we’re doing.