Despite getting off to a rough start, Spring break was pretty cool. Of Course, I started off with a much needed trip to Playa del Carmen. This trip was without my girlfriend but I did take a dude with me. Dave, my manager from Mckinney Avenue Tavern was my “date” for the trip. We shared a 2 bedroom condo so there was no need for snuggling. My new manager for the Beer Bucket in Mexico seems to be doing a great job.

st-pattys-blow-upI had to catch an earlier flight back though. It was time to go to the Miley Cyrus show baby. And it was awesome. Yes, I said it. Miley was Awesome. And the crowd was filled with teenage girls. Miley was not nearly as raunchy as I was expecting. Sure, she came out in an assortment of one-zies, but that was about the extent of her raunchiness. I was trying desperately to find 2 suite tickets to this show. All called every rich person that I know! Ok, I don’t know that many rich people but I called all of them. I thought it would look less weird if 2 guys were sitting in a suite watching Miley Cyrus, rather than 2 guys sitting in the regular seats watching Miley Cyrus. I don’t know why but in my head, that didn’t seem as weird.

I even called Billionaire Mark Cuban to see if he had any suite tickets. And I started of the email with: “I can’t believe I’m emailing a billionaire to ask if he has any Miley Cyrus tickets for sale!” He didn’t. but I did find some for a whopping $200 each!

Miley, you cost me a bunch of money. I even bought a t-shirt and a Hoodie at the show!

Oh, i was also IN the St. Patrick’s day parade. That was my spring break. How was yours?