Everyone is all upset about Beyonce not singing LIVE at the Inauguration. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it. It was her voice. It just wasn’t coming out of her mouth when I was looking at her. Big Freaking Deal. She was just trying to give her best possible performance. If you are going to be upset with that, shouldn’t you be upset with a girl that has fake hair, or fake boobs or even lip injections. People that want to sound their best aren’t any different than people that want to look their best are they? I really don’t see the problem. Ok, just had to get that off of my chest.

I went to this really cool restaurant yesterday. It was a place that has been open about 2 months and its one of those places where you can easily rack up a bill over $100 for food and a few drinks for just 2 people. Every time I go to a restaurant other than mine, I realize how little I know about the restaurant business. I mean this place had probably over 50 employees on the clock on a Tuesday evening. And it wasn’t a huge place. I really don’t know why I brought this up other than to say I sometimes think I suck as a restaurant owner. I was at this other place last week sitting at the bar waiting on my food and noticed a person that was in the uniform of the staff but there were lots of papers in front of her. I asked if she was doing her homework. She smiled and said she was a new employee and she had to take a 6 page test on procedures and food preparation. A 6 page test? All I look for in my employees are people that don’t drink while they are filling out the application. Wow, I really have to raise the bar, huh? Obviously, I have a lot to learn as an owner.

My mother has been deathly afraid of Mexico for the entire time that I have been going there but I think she might be easing up on her fear. I mentioned to her the other day that I was going on Memorial day weekend and I jokingly said that she should come with me and she actually asked the dates and was asking about the travel arrangements and stuff? what, Dora Belle in Mexico? This is huge y’all. You just don’t understand. But man, I would love to have my mom come to visit the place that I go to and love so much. It’s not that we would be doing tequila shots or anything but we could go to the beach and maybe she could even get in the pool. As I think about it, I don’t think I have EVER, EVER seen my mom in any water other than the bathtub. (not that I have seen my mother in the bathtub, that would be weird.) But I haven’t…hmm, not the pool, not the lake, not the ocean.
playaWe took family vacations every single summer but I don’t think I ever saw her in water! Wow, had never even thought about that fact until just now. I wonder if she would wear one o those swim caps that girls wear? And what type of bikini should I get her? Haha, Dora Belle in a bikini…ok, I guess that’s probably not going to happen. But I wish I could express how excited this makes me to have my mom coming to Mexico with me!!! Wow, I’m REALLY, REALLY excited about this. Momma Mack in Mexico…Dora Belle swims with the dolphins. This is going to be great. You know, it will be great to be able to add this to all of the many memories of Mommy-son times. It would be even greater if my dad could come but I’m not sure about that. He doesn’t travel well. I’ll keep you posted. I’ve got to get her passport. She’s never been out of the United States. I’m Happy TODAY!