We all love our moms right? I am no exception. Sure she whipped my butt when I did something wrong, but it was out of love. And with every mistake that I made, she was always there with an understanding heart. Many people don’t think twice about saying a curse word in front of their mom. I can’t imagine my mother hearing me curse. Many people kiss and show affection in front of their parents, even though I don’t see anything wrong with that, I can’t remember any time that I’ve done that outside of my wedding day, and I certainly haven’t walked around in front of my mom in my underwear. And I certainly haven’t discussed any boy/girl naughty times EVER with my mom. So, when my mom came over and brought me my Valentines day gift, it rocked my world.boxers She gave me a little gift box with a sweet little note in it, and then, I took the gift out of the bag. It was a pair of boxer shorts that had a graphic of a tuxedo, and on the back were the words, “Dressed to Thrill.” Then to make me blush even more she said, I thought these would be fun to take on your trip. She was speaking of the Valentine’s Day Trip with Doctor/Girlfriend to New Orleans. AHHHHHH! My mom is thinking about me and a girl in my underwear. AHHHHH! She smiled and laughed and so did I, but wow, this was a definite first.

At least it was nice to see that she is thinking clearly after her fall last week. That was a pretty scary day. A Pit Bull came out of nowhere and attacked her dogs while she was walking them. The dogs got roughed up a bit and the neighbors were coming out and shoed the dog back but in all the chaos, she got tangled in the leashes and she fell and broke one of her front teeth. It was bad but it could have been so much worse.

Actually, for one of her dogs, Maverick, a Chihuahua, it did get worse. A week later, another dog (a 70lb German Sheppard) attacked Maverick as one of the neighbor kids was taking him on a walk. The dog actually jumped a fence and could have killed little Mav but he escaped with serious bites and bruises. He had to get over 50 stitches but it looks like he’ll recover. It’s been a rough couple weeks at the MACK house. But at least I was “Dressed to Thrill.” haha