My weekend was full of work. Friday, I pulled my new Pizza Trailer to Fort Worth, Texas to get an inspection. I swear, every time I drive this thing, my Butt cheeks squeeze together. I haven’t done a heck of a lot of “Trailer pulling” in my lifetime but apparently; I’m about to do a whole lot more. This Trailer is 22’ long and my truck is almost 20’ long. Ok, let’s do the math. That’s 40 feet of machinery that I’m driving around.

light-bulb-over-headI got it to do catering events and festivals etc. So, we’ll see how this works. My theory is that one of these days; one of my bright ideas that I come up with is actually going to make me some money! I know I get the entrepreneurial spirit from my dad and I’m so grateful for that. He would always have different ideas about doing stuff. At one point, he had a furniture refinishing and upholstery shop…And right next door, he had a record shop. (if you don’t know what a record is, ask your mom or dad.) Anyway, if you ever want to know where I get all of my business ideas from, that’s where. It comes from my dad.

Hope your dad’s had a happy fathers day!