Well, I held pretty strong to my commitment of not sneaking back into Match dot com and the others. So, I guess I’m done with that. At least for a while. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no prospects out there. There are prospects. I’ll just leave it at that. One girl actually said to me, “lets go to Mexico.” Which kinda makes me wonder if she listens to the show and figures every girl that I date automatically goes to Mexico. Well, that’s not far from the truth.

Edith has told me that she is pretty much leaving the Beer Bucket in Mexico. So, I’m either going to have to find a replacement manager to run my bar in Mexico or sell it within the next month. It has been fun having the bar there but it loos like I will have to sell it. She is burnt out of working so many hours and she is having such a hard time finding reliable help in Mexico. I feel bad but as they say, it is what it is.

I woke up Sunday morning and had an idea. I was going to go to the grocery store and get some food and go make breakfast for my parents. So I sent out the text message to my son and my sister and off I went. $70 later, I was pulling up to their house with all of my goodies. Korey and I unloaded all of the bags and got to work. I have to admit, I made the best pancakes in the entire world. We sat down as a family and had a great meal. I said on Friday that I was going to do something really fun over the weekend. I did. This was by far the most fun thing that I have done in a long time.

Yes, that was even more fun than talking to the table full of total strangers that I sat down with on Sunday afternoon. I love getting to know people. And speaking of total strangers, I hope the table of black folks didn’t take it wrong when I asked them if they had any lotion. I didn’t mean any harm. But I was noticing that my hands were quite ashy. So when I looked around the bar trying to figure out who would likely have lotion, I naturally went to the black folks…and yes, they did have some lotion. Thanks guys!