There’s a list for everything nowadays. There’s the top Christmas Songs. There’s the top Hope Tape songs. Well, I was in the bathroom yesterday and there was a guy in the stall next to me and he was listening to his iPod. The music was loud enough where I could hear it. So that made me wonder…What would be the top songs to Poop to? Well, let’s go through some:

My Top 10 Songs to Poop To


  • 10) Joy and Pain

  • 9) (Especially if you have eaten spicy food) Burn Baby Burn

  • 8) Hurts So Good

  • 7) I’m Coming Out

  • 6) Ring of Fire

  • 5) What Hurts the Most

  • 4) Whoomp! There It Is

  • 3) Drop It Like It’s Hot

  • 2) Make ‘Em Say Ugh

  • 1) Let it Go

Ok, there’s my top ten… Anyone have any suggestions?