My weekend was pretty cool. Not that anything extraordinarily cool really went down but I guess it was a series of smaller cool things. First of all, I finally got my New Food Trailer Up and running. It has taken a little bit of preparation as well as some learning. First of all, I had to learn how to freaking go in reverse in my truck while pulling a 22’ long trailer. That’s no easy task but I’m catching on. Then my “Pizza Consultant” came by and looked at it and told me that I couldn’t serve pizza out of the Pizza Oven on the trailer until the concrete has Cured. So, after all of this time it has taken to buy this freaking trailer with a Brick Pizza Oven on it, After sending my truck and 2 guys 1300 miles to Florida to pick it up and bring it back to my restaurant parking lot, I still can’t make pizza? Are you kidding me? He wasn’t kidding. It would need to “Cure” for a few days. So, we are letting it Cure. Hopefully, this weekend, we can serve some pizza.

Friday night, Kellie came by with her date and we sang a little Karaoke together. Singing Karaoke is always fun. But singing with Kellie is waaaaay “Funner!”

Saturday morning, I got up off of my lazy ass and hit the gym. That’s when I found out that my last monthly payment didn’t go thru on my credit card for my gym membership. There’s nothing like finding out from the first person that you see on a Saturday Morning at 7am that your credit card is full. Happy Saturday! Then, after a workout and a few errands, it was Cigar time. I just sat on the patio with a few buddies and relaxed. Then, Mark Cuban walked up to join us.

(Here’s a fun tip: If a celebrity comes into your restaurant or bar and you are bartending or waitressing, I would suggest NOT sitting down at their table to discuss your love life!!) OMG, I just about came out of my skin when I saw one of my employees SIT down at the table with Mark Cuban, whom he did not know, and started spouting off about what’s going on with his relationship! It took everything I had to not go over to the table and physically remove the guy from Mark’s table. Anyway, he finally got up to return to his bartending duties and Mark resumed eating his meal and reading his magazine. We sat at our table and Mark took some pics and just goofed around with us for about 3 hours and chatted and he taught me how to use his new app: Cyber Dust! Later that night, Owen Wilson came into the bar and had a drink. Unfortunately, I missed him, but everyone else told me that he had been there.

cry-fest-with-guysSunday, after church with the family, it was time to get my shave at the Mall and then, Bro-date with J-Si and some homies. We were going to see a chick flick. 5 guys, with one goal in mind…Don’t cry! The Movie is one that Kellie had seen a week ago and said she started crying 10 minutes after it started. Well, the rest of the guys seemed to have held up fairly well. Me? I cried after seeing some of the trailers before the movie even started. What has happened to me? I’m such a crier. But this movie was sad! It was happy as well but it definitely had some sad parts. 5 guys, 1 large popcorn, a glass of wine, and plenty of napkins. And I needed them! I had a cry fest. I tried to let the tears just roll down my face so that the guys wouldn’t see me wipe them away. It didn’t work.