Thanksgiving is for turkey, family and football. That’s tradition, right? So, our family had scheduled to have dinner at about 1:30pm. Sure, that was a little early but that would leave plenty of time to eat, chat and then sit on the couch and watch football at my sister’s house. Well, it looked like we were going to be getting a later start than we had planned. No biggie. So, at about 2 or 3p, we were all there and setting the table with all of the food. By the way, just in case anyone was wondering if I contributed to the cooking, Well, I did buy the ham from

Anyway, Korey looked at me and said, “Where’s the TV?” I took a quick look around the living room and he was right. There was NO TV. Surely, there was a TV in one of the 4 bedrooms. NOPE! There was no TV in the house. How could this be? My sister and her husband are smart people. They both graduated from Stanford. They both work. But apparently, they don’t watch TV… At All…

So, Korey and I asked if she had a radio. She said, maybe in the garage. We found a huge BOOMBOX that looked like it hadn’t been played in years. We dusted it off and plugged it in and VOILA! It worked. So, as we ate our dinner, we listened to the game on radio. But it did also mean that our family got some quality time “talking” to each other. So, that was actually a good thing.

Well, today, the countdown begins. The new restaurant should open this FRIDAY. I’m scared… real scared. What if this doesn’t work??? It’s such a weird combination of feelings. Being excited and scared at the same time is such a strange dynamic. So many things can go wrong. Ugh, I hate this feeling. Actually, I’ve got to get those negative thoughts out of my head. Most of the kitchen equipment should be delivered today. Actually, I’m the delivery guy. Today, I will rent a U-Haul and pick up everything from the restaurant supply place. The only thing that I have to do is get my health permit and my liquor license. Sounds easy enough, right? Let’s hope so.