This weekend was not the most exciting weekend that i have ever had. NOT by a long shot.

pizza-two-slices Friday, I decided to get a pizza and stay home so that I would be rested up for a great Saturday. So I did. I went and got my pizza, and I headed straight to my couch. I think I may have eaten 2 slices before I fell asleep. No problem, that was the plan. I had been corresponding with a new friend from Longview, Texas that had said he was coming up to hang out at the bar Saturday night. Cool…I woke up early Saturday morning. I was at the Gym by 7:45a. I hit the treadmill for an hour, then the steam room for several minutes and I was feeling good. Then, the thought of a manicure AND a pedicure crossed my brain. Perfect. I did it… My Saturday was off to a great start. I would be all dolled up to sing Karaoke. Then my girlfriend and I decided to have an early dinner. We went to this place called Al Bernat’s. Its one of my favorites. We sat at the bar and had a delicious Steak. That’s when the owner came over and told me that Conan O’Brien was coming there for dinner later that night. Wow, ok..IDEA!!! What if i get Conan to come to MY bar to sing karaoke with me??? I posted on my facebook/twitter pages, “I will pay $1000 cash to the person that brings Conan O’Brien to my bar tonight to sing karaoke with me.” My girlfriend and I went home and decided to take a quick nap. I gotta be rested up just in case Conan shows up, right? Plus, my friend is driving 2 hours to hang out with me at my bar. Well, the nap turned out to be a TERRIBLE idea. Even though I set my alarm, I slept right through it and didn’t wake up until 2am. I missed my friends, Conan didn’t show up but if he had, i wouldn’t have seen him. ugh!

I apologized to my friends the next morning for standing them up.

Now back to Conan… It is going to be my mission to sing karaoke with Conan while he’s in town this week. I have ordered a huge banner to hang on the street in front of the bar inviting him to stop by. We’ll see!