I was all ready to blog about how The Kidd’s Kids trip really puts life into perspective but this morning, something happened that put life even more into perspective than the events of the weekend.

big-al-blog-112614As I was walking my dog this morning, I approached an intersection. The direction that I was walking had Blinking yellow lights and the crossing street had blinking red lights. There was a car approaching from my right but since he had the blinking red lights, I didn’t think much about it. I started to cross. There was a cement truck approaching traveling in the middle lane of the street that I was on. I was walking southbound and the cement truck was traveling North with a Blinking yellow light. As I got just past the middle of the intersection, I hear this LOUD BOOOOOOM, CRASH! I stopped in my tracks to see what had happened. The car that was approaching from my right ran the blinking red light. This car would have surely hit me. But at the exact time that this guy would have hit me, the cement truck hit the car just 10 feet to my right. I stood there stunned for about 5 seconds and then I ran over to the car to check on the driver. Actually, the vehicles were wedged together.

Both drivers were still in their vehicles. The driver of the car was an older guy dressed in a suit. He started yelling at me asking why did I hit him? I politely told him that I was walking my dog and he ran a light. He cussed and called me a SOB, he called the truck driver a SOB, and this was while he was still in his car. I then went to the cement truck door and checked on that driver. The truck driver started yelling at me about why did the car pull out in front of him? Dude, First of all, I don’t know. Second of all, why are both drivers yelling at me? I’m the one that almost died. I wanted to tell the truck driver that he saved me but they were too busy trying to be right. FYI, Curtis did eventually pee and poop. So did I!