My girlfriend wants to learn how to drive a stick. I have heard from people that say this could work and be the best thing ever. Others have told me that this could be a “relationship ruiner.” It can’t be that bad, can it.

manual-details-300x300All I have to do is find a rental car that is a stick and take her out in that for an hour or so, right? I can’t even remember when I learned to drive a stick but I know how fun it is and I want her to experience it. And not only that, how often do I get the chance to teach my “Doctor Girlfriend” Anything? Not very! Obviously, she’s good with her hands… She’s a surgeon, right? How hard can it really be to teach her to do this? So if you see a car on the streets doing a lot of starting and stopping, that’s probably us. Watch out!!!
Listen to the cast discuss it below!