Kellie’s party was a great one. No real disasters to speak of. Oh, well she did tear her dress right around the butt area but other than that, it was a great time for all. Except for the woman who got a little, no, a LOT drunk and fell down right in the middle of the crowd as she was trying to, uhh, Dance?? Now that the party is over, I can focus on other matters at the bar. We will kick off the Cinco de Mayo weekend off with Midget Wrestling again. It seems like the little guys were just here a month ago but this time, they are coming back for a Saturday afternoon show that will preceed the Mayweather fight on May 3rd . And speaking of that weekend, I have added another Rapper to the events for that weekend…

Drum roll please…Ladies and Gentlemen, He’s a Grammy award winner and he’s performing at Big Al’s Mckinney Avenue Tavern.

Ok, so here’s the deal. Sir Mix A Lot will be performing for a very rare Monday Night Event on Cinco de Mayo. (that’s May 5th for those of you that don’t speak espanol!) Nothing says Mexican like Sir Mix A Lot! He doesn’t get down to this area of the country a lot so this should be awesome. In fact, I just found out yesterday that Sir Mix hasn’t performed in this city, Maybe even in this state in over 10 years…And in 10 days, he’s performing at my bar. Wow, it’s been over 10 years! The reason that he doesn’t travel down here much, from what I hear, is that he was in a plane “incident” a while back and it freaked him out so badly that now, he doesn’t fly AT ALL. So, he does all of his work travel by tour bus. And he mostly does shows in Washington State, California and Nevada. When I heard he was going to be in Louisiana, I had to do everything I could do to book a performance at my bar. And so I did. He fits right in with the Old School Rappers that I have booked in the past like Coolio, Tone Loc, Rob Base, Digital Underground, and a few others. And now, Sir Mix! I’m Very excited. I think we are going to try to book him to come in for a special “Flush the Format” as well. Did I mention that I’m really excited???

Its been 24 hours since my girlfriend left town. Honey, come home! Guys, what do you do when your girl leaves town for 2 weeks? Sure, we are kinda glad when our women leave town for a few days but we miss you. She left me a list of things to do while she’s gone:


  1. Water her plants
  2. Buy 2 bottles of wine (one for a birthday gift and one as a thank you gift)
  3. Deliver the wine and birthday/thank you cards
  4. Put her car in the shop
  5. Call her insurance company
  6. Get her car out of the shop
  7. Wash her car
  8. Go to the Bank

Like I said, come back baby!


In other news:

Don’t worry ladies and gentlemen, I just heard that even though that 15 year old kid DID stow away on that flight to Hawaii, TSA released a statement saying that he had to take his shoes off like everybody else! (rimshot)

Reverend Al Sharpton is furious about this matter saying that if the kid had been white, he would have been upgraded to the “Nose gear wheel well” in the front of the plane, but since he was black, he was forced to stow away in the rear wheel well! (another rim shot)

(Ok, maybe those were not my best one liners…)

Thank you! that’s all I got…thank you for coming!