The Oprah speech last night on the Golden Globes had to have been a campaign speech, right? I mean she had everyone fired up. And poor Ron Howard had to come out right after that to give away an award. It was like sitting at a Karaoke bar and having to go sing after someone just nailed a Whitney Houston song. Man, that was a great speech.

Tonight is the last college football night of the season. And for people that have businesses that make money while these events are going on, it is the beginning of the end of football season. Oh man, I HATE this time of year. It goes by so fast. Speaking of business, I would think after being in business for a LONG time, it would get easier… Nope. It’s still tough. People are asking me all the time to give them advice about opening their own business… I usually tell them to not do it. Haha… But hey, there is nothing like owning your own business but the truth is that you better be ready for the bad times and not just the good ones!

Bad news… My gym girlfriend is over it. Don’t get me wrong, We haven’t been out on a date or anything but If I know anything after all my years, I can tell when a woman is NOT interested. And I spoke to her the other day at the gym and I could just tell. She’s over it. So, I guess our date in 6 months is officially cancelled!