Curtis is going into his third week of obedience school and I miss his butt. But, I keep telling myself that it’s for a greater good. I’m not sure that they teach him any cool tricks or anything but if they can keep him from biting my glasses, my shoes, my furniture, my jeans, and anything else, it will be money well spent. In fact, this girl came by the bar the other day and she has a Golden Doodle too and he can do really cool tricks and he hasn’t been to school for a month. Maybe Curtis’ “trick” will be that he doesn’t do “tricks!”

This past week of vacation was the first week in a while that I have been in town during my entire vacation. But since we just got back from Mexico, there wasn’t a real need to go back there so quickly. I have just one word to describe my week off… BORING! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed not working for a week. but I didn’t DO anything. So, I really just spent the week catching up on boring stuff. I went through old mail that was sitting around on the kitchen counter. I tried to clean my house a little. I washed some clothes. I sang LOTS of karaoke at my bar. I even slept in until 9am one day. It’s funny how your body wakes you up at the same time even when you don’t want to wake up. I’m getting even more bored talking about how boring my week was. Usually, when we come back from vacation, we have stories about what we did on vacation. I don’t have one single story. NOT ONE! Well, maybe the story about the disaster of an interview with Wiz Khalifa.

wiz-khalifa-blog-picSpeaking of that, that interview may go down as the most failed interview of all time. He was a huge jerk! We should call him ASS Khalifa! When we interview people, the challenge is always to get them to talk to you as if they have known you for a while but you have to get them to feel that way in a relatively short period of time. We failed. We had a 10 minute interview with this guy and it felt like it was a year. Sure, I asked my random, stupid questions. But that’s what I do. I ask random, stupid questions. He was not vibing with me AT ALL. And I even brought chicken wings! Yes, for the first time ever, I brought chicken wings to an interview. I thought that would be a nice thing to do. the interview was so bad, I actually thought about taking my chicken wings with me when I left. Damn, why did I leave my chicken wings there?