Big Al’s Blog: That NEVER Happens!
Big Al’s Blog: That NEVER Happens!

This weekend was a biggie. Not only did we have the big Mayweather fight at the bar, but this was also the weekend that my girlfriend turned 30 years old. Originally I was going to take her on a trip to Vegas. She has never been and we were going to try to get some friends together and celebrate her birthday there. But again, since the fight was announced on that same weekend, and the fight was happening IN VEGAS, that became problematic. I really felt the need to be at the bar for this big Saturday night event.

big-als-blog-pic-050415-rev2So, since her birthday was actually Sunday, I felt like I still had a chance to make it special. So, my first plan was to stick with the Vegas thing. I checked with Southwest Airlines and I was about to book a flight to Vegas for Sunday Morning at 6am. The two of us would spend the day in Vegas and then come back home on a 7pm flight and we would land at around 11pm. We would be exhausted but if everything went as planned, we would make it. After thinking about this, it was not worth the trouble. And I would have to rely on the flights being on time and good weather. So, I decided to go back to the drawing board.
My next plan was to fly her mom and dad and brother here from Miami. We would all go to brunch and hang out for the day and then they would go back. So, a week ago, I contacted her family. I thought a week was plenty of time but I was wrong. They were unable to make it because of the short notice. Dang, now, I was 6 days away from her birthday and I had no plan. How was I going to make her birthday special?
That’s when it hit me. I had a plan!

I called our friends; three couples that we hang out with all the time. I asked them to keep Sunday open. And everything seemed to work as planned. We would all meet at my bar at 11:30am. Then, we went to brunch at one of her favorite spots. Next, a party bus arrived that I had scheduled to pick us up at 12:45p and we loaded up. We had coolers with champagne, beer, cheese, wine, etc… She had no idea where we were going. Then we pulled up to a Marina. 10 minutes later, we were boarding a 38′ Sailboat and on our way for a 2 hour sailboat tour. It was awesome and she was so surprised. We ate, drank, laughed and had a great time. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful event.
I actually came up with a plan and it worked… That NEVER Happens!