I think my dog, Curtis, had the best weekend ever. Well, at least the best day ever. After I got home from church yesterday, I changed into my favorite jeans that Kellie hates and was about to head to my restaurant but I needed to take Curtis out for a bathroom break. But as I was walking him outside, I decided to take him on a quick walk. Then the quick walk turned into a mile, then two… then three… then four. It was the longest potty break even but he seemed to enjoy the time outside. EVERYONE on the trail was dressed to workout. Well, except me. I was the only one on the trail in jeans.

Anyway, I stopped and had a couple beers at the end of my walk. Next, we got a call to go to a birthday party. Well, it was a doggie birthday party at the dog park. So, off we went. We were the first ones there. And Curtis wasted no time. After about 4 minutes of running around the dog park, He jumped INTO the water tub. Not just did he get into it, he laid down in it. He rolled over in it too. He was soaked. Then of course, he got out and then his next move was to roll around in the dirt. He’s never been dirtier. Then, it was rinse, lather, repeat… He did it again. And again… And Again. He was, without a doubt, the dirtiest dog at the dog park. But, like I said, He had a great time.