I wish I could describe the smile on the face of the Kidd’s Kids when Mickey and Minnie walked into the dinner last night. It was priceless. At that moment, every donation that KiddNation made, was redeemed. We are here at Disney for the next 4 days and everything is about the the kiddos.

I sat next to a family at dinner last night and the dad told me that his son’s medical expenses have already topped $3,000,000 during his son’s 10 years of life. I was talking to another parent that mentioned that the pills that their child takes are $250 each. The stories that we hear on this trip are truly amazing. With that said, the next 4 days are about fun. The kids still have to take their meds but maybe the pills will be a little easier to swallow here at Disney World.

We will try our best to bring you stories of the families and what they go through in their daily lives… But more importantly, we’ll also try to show you (through the radio) how much fun the kids and their families appreciate every single dollar that is donated to make this trip possible.