The Solo Christmas Party
The Solo Christmas Party

Just in case you are reading this and you have your Christmas party coming up and you don’t have a date, check this out… Going to your christmas party alone is not that bad. Sure, I get it. We all would like to have someone to share fun nights with and (go home with) after. BUT, I’m here to tell you, it will be ok. I went alone to our company party for the first time in about 5 years. There are advantages of going to your party alone:

  1. You don’t have to worry about your date getting drunk and embarrassing you.
  2. You don’t have to worry about if your date is feeling out of place because they don’t know anyone.
  3. You can stay/leave whenever you want.

Our party was very tame this year and a small group of us came back to my bar for karaoke after. A good time for sure.

My new restaurant had a very, very soft opening on Friday. No, we weren’t really open for business but I did promise (on social media) that we would be open. So, even though we couldn’t sell anything because I didn’t have my proper permits yet, I got to know some of the customers that came by and we all hung out for 3 hours. We watched football on TV and I had some music going and even karaoke. I know you won’t believe this but I didn’t sing. Anyway, I THINK we have all of the work completed now and we should be able to open by Tuesday…(Fingers crossed!)

I can’t tell you what a relief this will be to finally get open.