Things That I Actually Did
Things That I Actually Did

I have actually had a productive morning before 5am. Let me list the things that I actually did this morning:

  • Washed two loads of clothes
  • Folded a few
  • Watered my three plants
  • Cleaned my bathroom
  • Washed some dishes because my dishwasher doesn’t seem to be working

Anyway, the point is, I actually got up and did some work and that’s a really good thing.

I found my suit… I can’t believe it. I have torn my house apart looking for my favorite suit. I mean how could a suit disappear, right? Well after calling the dry cleaners and asking them about it and they said they didn’t have it… I finally drove up there and asked if they had a “lost and found.” And that’s where it was… Mystery solved.

If anyone is interested, in the last two weeks, I’ve had about 3-4 dates. And they all have been pleasant and fine. That’s pretty much it. They have been pleasant and fine. No real sparks for me and I’m guessing for the ladies either. They have all been nice and conversation has been fine. But, no sparks on either side. And that’s ok. I think you know about ten minutes in if things are going in the right direction. But, I have made some friends. And that’s great.