Big Al’s Blog: Tips for If You’re Applying For a Job
Big Al’s Blog: Tips for If You’re Applying For a Job

Just in case you are a new listener, for the past 5 years, I have owned a bar/restaurant in the Dallas area. During the last 3 days, I’ve unfortunately had to fire 3 people. Usually, a sports bar can survive a hit like that and I’m sure my bar can survive this as well. But the bad news is that this week is the beginning of March Madness. Sure we will survive this busy season while we are short handed. But I do hate that our customers have to suffer because of a few employees bad decisions. So to try to fill these positions, I posted on Facebook that we were hiring. Why not, right? Well several people did come in to apply. Awesome. Well watching people come in to apply for a job, I was amazed by a few of them and some of the things that they did as they came in to apply.

Here are three tips that I am going to share with you if you are going to apply for a job in the near future.

1) Don’t wear Flip-flops to fill out your application. I was always taught that you should go to the job dressed similarly to how you will dress when you work there…or maybe dress a little better that how you will dress when you are going to work. First Impressions right!

2) Apply Alone! You don’t need a friend to go in with you as you fill out your application. If your friend gave you a ride, tell them to stay in the car. If your friend needs a job too, tell them to go at a different time. Do not take a friend with you under any circumstances. This makes the employer think that “not only can you keep a job, you hang out with other people that can’t keep a job as well!”

3) Lastly, Don’t say this when you go in to apply: “Can I get a job application and 2 tequila shots please?” I couldn’t believe it. a person actually said this. In fact, there was more than one applicant that drank while filling out the application. In fact, even after you fill out the application, do not drink there. Not that day.

Ok, I hope these 3 tips help you. Good luck and I hope you Get That Job!