To my apartment building: I’m really sorry but I stole toilet paper from the 3rd floor bathroom. I know that toilet paper was purchased for the bathroom from which I stole it but technically, I could have used that bathroom and used the same toilet paper. I just preferred, since I was out of toilet paper in my own apartment, to go to the 3rd floor and get some of the nice 2 ply paper that is provided in the public bathroom for residents and their guests. And instead of actually using the bathroom there, I took the toilet paper with me. It was kind of like when you order food and you decide if you want to eat it there or if you want it “to go.” I took the toilet paper, Literally, “to go.”

last-will-and-testamentYesterday I completed the 2nd of the 2 things that I said I was going to do after Kidd died. The first one was getting a physical. Honestly, this is one of those things that we should all do after a certain age and we should probably do it every year. Well, I skipped the year before. But when Kidd passed away so suddenly, I realized that I better get my butt, (literally), in to the doctor’s office and get myself all checked out. and I did. That was the first thing. The second thing that I said I was going to do was also a very “grown-up” thing. I went to my attorney’s office and got my Will drawn up. Wow, nothing makes you feel more vulnerable than thinking about when you’re not going to be around. But lets face it. We are all going to go that way sooner or later. Hopefully, later! But, I did it. I sat down and did it. The first thing he asks is who I would want to be my executor. That’s when it hit me. I envisioned a room full of my surviving family. Kids, Grand kids, all in a room sitting around in black dresses and suits, waiting to hear what, if anything, did I leave. I’m telling you. The feeling of everyone sitting around and I’m not there is a super eerie feeling. It’s not that I have all that much to divvy out. I really don’t. but I definitely don’t want people squabbling about who is going to get what as they lower my casket into the ground. So, no matter what age you are and no matter how much stuff you have or don’t have. Sit down and write it down and have a witness or an attorney. Or, if you enjoy a good fight, don’t do it. And you will be able to watch your family Duke it out from the Heavens. That beats a pay per view fight any day!