I was wondering…I saw this brother yesterday. He walked into my bar and ordered a drink. The thing that stuck out with me was that he was carrying a rag. I towel. It was a medium sized towel like the one in your house or most hotel rooms. Is this a black thing? Carrying a towel around to me indicates that you may need to do some spontaneous cleaning. Maybe he was anticipating a dirty table, bar or even chair. But they were all pretty clean. But to my disappointment, not once did this brother ask me for any Windex or any other cleaning products. He just sat there and drank his beer with his towel. So, my question is still are there any non-black people that carry towels with them as they go about their daily routine? I have never seen a white guy walking around with a towel.

Ok. It was just a question.

It’s always weird when I reveal something that is very personal on the air when I see people and they heard it. [IF YOU MISSED IT WATCH IT HERE]. First of all, I never know if they did or not. I just have to wait on them to say something or to not say anything. But yesterday, it seemed like everyone in the world was listening. Guys were walking up to me hugging me. It was so weird. It was good to get that out there. I hate to say “closure” but at least now that I don’t have this big secret out there and its one less thing for me to be stressed about. And after the events of yesterday, I thought I deserved a nice dinner. So first I stopped and got some gumbo. I threw that in the car and went to my favorite steakhouse for a small filet. I finally got home $60 lighter but I had the best dinner for one EVER!