Big Al’s Blog: Trump is coming to town
Big Al’s Blog: Trump is coming to town

So, when celebrities come to town, usually we will try some kind of tactic to get them to come into my bar. “Free drinks for Conan” was one of them… “Free Vodka for Blake” was another one. It actually worked when I put up a sign that said, “Kardashians drink free.”

trump-big-al-blog-pic-091015So, with Donald Trump coming to town, I have to do something for him too right? How about: “Trump, if you don’t stop here and get some wings, YOU’RE AN IDIOT!” Sure, that might get it.

Well, maybe that’s too harsh. Oh well…I’m taking suggestions.

PLUS, the NFL begins today!!!

To all of the girls that were waiting on their football player friends to start getting paid again… Today is the DAY!