So, my transformation is still underway. If you haven’t heard, I’m slowly changing into a big tire truck driving, cowboy hat wearing, maybe even a farm owning, son of a gun. (my friend Kirk, has told me about the advantages of owning some acres, cattle, and living the lifestyle of a part-time farmer.

What changes have recently taken place in my life?

  1. I’m listening to country music.
  2. I’m carrying a pocketknife.
  3. Blake Shelton is my #1 dude!

big-al-blog-pic-010715Ok, these are not the biggest, most earth shattering changes in the world but they are changes. But none of these changes are necessarily going to make me into a better person. Isn’t that what we strive for? To be better today than we were yesterday? So, now I’m going to try to come up with a few changes that will actually make me a better person. I don’t know what these changes will be but they will hopefully make my life better. Ok, how about trying to make those around me better. When you break that down, I guess that means trying to be a better example for those around me. Eh, that sounds pretty cliché. How about, “I want to be a better dad.” Yeah, that sounds awesome and a very “correct” thing to say. Easy to say but what am I going to do to take action? Let’s be honest. Probably nothing. I’m tired! Haha.