Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s first live show of “The Voice”

“DWTS” spoiler… Will Gwyneth Paltrow save “The View”?… Rumors of Bella Hadid cheating on The Weeknd… Larry David gets a big check… and Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s first live show of “The Voice”

Following dress rehearsal for “Dancing with the Stars,” Tamar Braxton was so sick with pneumonia that she was rushed to the hospital. But judges used her dress rehearsal footage to score her performance, and since she rushed back to set with just 20 minutes left in the broadcast and danced the final number, she was not disqualified. Nick Carter later revealed that Tamar was so weak that he literally had to hold her up. But at the end of the night — SPOILER ALERT — it was Alexa PenaVega who was sent home, which left her husband, Carlos, a sobbing mess.

Despite what’s being reported by, Gossip Cop says there’s no truth to the rumor that Gwyneth Paltrow has been offered a million bucks to join — and hopefully save — “The View.”

Page Six is reporting that Bella Hadid may be cheating on The Weeknd. They’re hearing that Bella has been seeing her old boyfriend, Matt Morton, who is the son of Hard Rock founder Peter Morton and the less famous brother of Harry. One source says Bella and Matt started seeing each other when he began studying at NYU. But another source says that while Matt was at Bella’s birthday party last month, The Weeknd was there, too, and there’s no truth to the rumor that she’s cheating on him.

Larry David will get a check for $5000 for calling Donald Trump a racist during his opening monologue on “Saturday Night Live.” When Donald asked David why he said that, David answered, “I heard if I did that, they’d give me $5000.” It was totally scripted, but the advocacy group Deport Racism says they’ll fork over the cash. They tweeted, “Joke or not, it’s true.”  By the way, thanks to The Donald’s appearance on SNL, the show scored its best ratings in almost four years.

Watch Donald Trump’s Monologue on SNL.

Last night’s “The Voice”  was the first live show since we found out Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are dating. They couldn’t have been cuter, with Blake defending all of Gwen’s singers agains Team Adam, and Gwen giggling at everything Blake said. But Entertainment Tonight had someone at the live show, and they’re filling us on some of the stuff that happened when the cameras weren’t on. First of all, before the live show began, Blake gave Gwen a big bear hug and the audience went nuts. And during the commercial breaks, Blake would immediately walk over to Gwen’s chair where they’d occasionally steal hugs and take pictures on her phone. And then at the end of the two-hour live show, Blake and Gwen walked offstage together, but decided to keep it professional with no visible PDA.


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