Britney Spears Almost Attacked During Show in Vegas

Nikki Reed’s baby is here… More Chris Pratt & Anna Faris breakup news… Usher’s accuser telling the truth… Britney almost attacked during show… A Taylor Swift trial update.

Congratulations to Nikki Reed and hubby Ian Somerhalder. They announced in May that they were expecting a baby and she’s here! They’ve named her Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder.

Who knew that Patti Stanger was friends with Anna Faris and Chris Pratt? Well, she is and she told Entertainment Tonight that she was also shocked to hear about their split and texted them both the day she found out. BUT! She said that Chris and Anna are still living together, which is an excellent sign. She said, “If he’s still in the house, there’s hope….That means they still love each other…It’s just that they don’t want to leave each other.”

It looks like Quantasia Sharpton is telling the truth. TMZ claims a woman working at the hotel where Quantasia claims she hooked up with Usher saw him there. She says she kept her mouth shut until she heard all the mean comments from people saying Quantasia wasn’t Usher’s type, and she was offended by that! At her news conference this week, Quantasia said she was in the crowd of Usher’s concert in Atlantic City and she was wearing her birthday tiara, which is how Usher spotted her and invited her backstage. TMZ even has a picture of Quantasia with Usher’s opening act that night and she’s wearing that tiara! Anyway, Quantasia claims that one of Usher’s people took her phone number and the next thing she knew, he called her! And then he showed up at the Days Inn where she was staying. A woman working at the hotel backs that part of the story, saying she saw Quantasia meeting Usher in the lobby and saw him follow her to her room. Of course, the employee can’t say what went on in that room, but Quantasia said they hooked up and he didn’t tell her he had herpes. At some point during their interaction, Quantasia asked Usher for a picture and he said he’d take one with her before leaving the hotel. He left the room and she says she waited for an hour before she realized he wasn’t coming back.

Britney Spears was doing her thing onstage in Vegas Wednesday night when one of her fans in the audience started getting a little too out of control. Security asked him to leave, but instead, he jumped on stage and tried to get to Britney. She had no idea what was happening behind her, but this guy was immediately surrounded by dancers and then tackled by security. A couple of security guards came over to Britney and you can hear her asking, “Is everything okay? What’s going on?” And then her knees give a little as she asks, “He has a gun?” Thankfully, he didn’t. This guy was hauled off and arrested for trespassing and after a short break, Britney was able to finish the show.

Taylor Swift took the stand to testify in her case against former morning show DJ David Mueller, whom she claims grabbed her bottom during a meet-and-greet in Denver four years ago. David says it never happened. But for more than an hour on the stand yesterday, a feisty Taylor stuck to her truth. And she was so sassy in some of her responses that the audience in the courtroom even had to laugh a few times! When she was shown a photograph of the moment she says her bottom was a grabbed, the lawyer asked why her skirt wasn’t lifted up. She said, “Because my a** is located in the back of my body.” Mueller’s lawyer also asked why she continued the meet-and-greet after this alleged groping incident and Taylor said it’s because she didn’t want to disappoint other fans who were waiting.


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