Is it normal to have days where you don’t leave your apartment at all? I felt somewhat reclusive after heading straight home from work yesterday morning and taking a nap, so I made myself get out for a bit. I took fattie to the dog park and other than going to the store, I couldn’t come up with anything else I could do. Kidd and his anti-gluten-free campaign will be thrilled to learn that I have now gone 50 percent gluten-free. I did some grocery shopping yesterday and decided to buy some of my favorite items, like oatmeal, waffles, mac and cheese and even cookies, in the gluten-free version. I guarantee he won’t be able to tell the difference between some of them.

It was back to the apartment after that, after limited social interaction. I have been in somewhat of a movie phase, so I decided to watch one called A Dangerous Method will Keira Knightly and Michael Fassbender. It had great reviews, but unfortunately no warning that it is incredibly depressing. I have some kind of knack for stumbling across depressing things when I really DON’T need them. The movie was actually really good, albeit a lot intense. Keira played a girl with a sex addiction and I think that is a fabulous condition to tell men you have. Most girls have things that scare guys away, maybe they are bipolar, have an eating disorder, or just plain crazy. I think a female with a sex addiction is the only disorder than make men go, “I want her more because of that”. Imagine the girl saying, “I’m so upset, I need to seek therapy for my sex addiction so things might be rough for a while and I might bug you to have sex all the time.”I’m sure every guy would run from that right? Hmmmm. I had to abruptly end the movie though once my roommate Holly came home because I figured she’d give me the 3rd degree about buying something from OnDemand for the second day in row.

Makes me think of this viral video getting sent around about a couple being completely honest with each other on the first date. My guy friends seem to love this one for some reason and they keep adding thoughts to it.

How great would it be to have the ability to just be completely honest with someone from the get go? To be able to tell them, “Hey I’m very attracted to you and don’t even really know you that well, and you don’t’ seem all that smart, but I’m cool with it”. Isn’t the going to the bathroom one just a given? Everyone knows girls only go to the bathroom once a year. I’d add, “Dude, don’t tell me what you are. Don’t say I’m really funny, or I’m a really nice guy”. Show me.

I thought girls became more domesticated with age and that is just clearly not the case with me. I continue attempting to make steak at home and I continue getting worse at it. I end up throwing nearly the whole thing away. I suck at cooking so much. I say I suck at cleaning, but that’s only because I don’t enjoy it. I don’t know what domesticated activities I actually do enjoy. Laundry, definitely not. Ironing, not so much. Taking the trash out is the worst. I’ll keep looking for something.