Cheyenne’s Blog: Tuesday
Cheyenne’s Blog: Tuesday

This morning started out pretty early once again in the Kidd Kraddick studio. Today on the show I was lucky enough to sing my new single “Ready or Not”! As Rob was setting me up, I couldn’t really explain the feeling that I felt. I have never performed live on the radio before! I was honored, happy, nervous, probably any feeling… I was feeling it! I do believe that my song went really well, and something that no one knew is when I heard that THE Tyrese Gibson was there… I almost freaked!! Fast and Furious is my favorite series ever. So all that was really on my mind while I was singing is, “Hmm I wonder if Tyrese is listening right now…?” hahah My morning on Kidd Kraddick was a success and then I had a couple hours to relax before a crazy jam packed day!

Around 11 o’clock we arrived at Septien Entertainment. First I had a social media session, and I learned SO much. Honestly, it was a lot to take in… but in just a day after following what she said I gained many more followers. After my social media session I had voice lessons with Linda! Man, that lady sure knows what she is doing. While we were doing warm ups, I kept getting discouraged because I have never had actual voice lessons before… so I don’t really know how to use my voice to it’s full potential. Linda always reassures me though, that I have such a powerful voice… I just need to learn how to use it! We were preparing for my American Idol Audition, which was later in the day. I ran through my three songs, Love Me Like You Mean It by Kelsea Ballerini, Girl Crush by Little Big Town, and My original Ready or Not! After voice was over I went to stage presence with Trey once again. While we were practicing Trey told me many stories on why it is so important to make the audience feel what you are singing. He asked me… if I was never paid a day in my life, if I never toured, and I never got signed or even noticed… what would change in my music. I told him nothing at all, I do it because I love it and I always will. He told me that if I really meant that, then I needed to show it. After that conversation I put my all into every performance that I did for him. I believe that I am able to show so much more emotion when I sing now. After dance, I had guitar lessons with Carlo. I went in thinking that there was zero hope for me to learn anything more than I already knew on the guitar. I am a singer, I’m not a guitar player. Somehow, by the grace of God… I was picking up on things so easily from Carlo. Palm muting, adding my pinky to regular chords to make them sound a little more powerful, and we started finger picking! (That one will take a while! Haha) I loved the lesson with Carlo, I can’t wait for tomorrow to learn more! After my guitar lesson, I started to prepare once again for my American Idol Audition. BOY, was I nervous. There was definitely a million and one thoughts running through my head before I auditioned. Will I be good enough…? Did I pick the right songs…? Am I what they are looking for…? Right before the audition began I realized that none of that mattered. I have to be confident. I have to know that I am good, and I am good in my own way. That no matter what happens I will do my best and be happy with it. That is exactly what I did. I did my very best, and I believe that it went really well! I am happy. (:

After the audition Linda, Alex, and I sat in her office and talked for a little while. We talked about how I need a trademark… something that everyone will remember me by, how I really kind of want to live in Texas (Ha!), I also learned some more about Linda! It was nice to sit down with her in such an informal setting and learn about what she does. I really love working with her and her crew! I am learning so much and I can’t wait to learn more! So excited to see what the boys have done with my song tomorrow. This trip is just getting better and better!


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