Christmas During Tough Times
Christmas During Tough Times

Jessica has had an extremely rough year but since her best friend let us know about her situation this year, her holidays can a least be a little brighter.

Read the Christmas letter below and nominate a deserving family HERE!

“One of my best friends has the biggest heart. She works as a paraprofessional and has a true passion for working with kids. It’s a really tough and underappreciated job.

The last year has been a particularly tough one for her, but she continues to hold her head up. While already dealing with some physical problems of her own, she went through a divorce and in the middle of it unexpectedly lost her mom. Her dad has dementia and went to live with her brother leaving her alone.

She has two kids that need a smile this Christmas, but it’s going to be tough. Between medical bills, lost work, and working in a profession that isn’t paid what they deserve she’s really stressing over how to make it work. She has a huge heart and would do anything to help anyone. I would love to see her get the extra help she so deserves this year.”

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