Tough Times During The Holidays
Tough Times During The Holidays

Mikie and her family have had it especially rough this year. Her husband broke his foot after helping out after the hurricane. Mikie had to put her schooling on hold to care for her family, her husband and some extra kids that she cares for.

Since her friend Jenna let us know what was going on, we are able to show her some love this holiday season… Thanks to JCPenney.

Read the Christmas letter below and nominate a deserving family HERE!

“Hi. I would like to nominate my friend, Mikie Stansbury, and her family for a Christmas wish. Her husband has been out of work for a couple of months due to a severe foot injury, which happened while he was helping a friend after a hurricane this year. Mikie and her husband, Albert, have 4 daughters between the ages of 13 and 4. As if that’s not enough to juggle, Mikie babysits a couple of kids during the week, including my youngest daughter, and ALWAYS has a handful of other kids in her house. As stressful as that sounds, she loves to take care of everyone, except for herself. Mikie is putting her nursing career on hold to raise her and everyone else’s children and is now taking care of her injured husband while their savings has quickly diminished just in time for Christmas. Mikie is always so down on herself and just doesn’t see the wonderful person/wife/mom/friend that we all see. Please help show her how amazing she is and help her family have the Christmas they deserve.”

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