David Letterman grills Lindsay Lohan

Quentin Tarantino releases his first film in China, MTV cancels a show and David Letterman gives a shocking interview. Kellie Rasberry has the scoop in today’s Showbiz Top 5.

“Django Unchained” is the first Quentin Tarantino movie to hit theaters in China, but he had to make a few changes to his movie before it could be approved. Apparently, Chinese audiences don’t like too much blood and gore, so he had to go back and adjust the “vibrant hue and explosive splatter” in some of the most violent scenes to get it okayed. Most foreign films are limited to a one-month run by the Chinese government, but “Django” should do very well in that limited amount of time. China is the second biggest movie-going market outside the US and Canada.

TMZ has announced that MTV is canceling “Buckwild.” They’ve already filmed four episodes of the second season, but those will not see the light of day. However, MTV is expected to air a “Buckwild” special that was taped two months ago. The network didn’t give the cast and crew any specific reason for the cancellation, but it was just over a week ago that one of their more popular cast members, Shain Gandee, died from carbon monoxide poisoning when his Bronco became stuck in the mud. Prior to that, two other cast members were arrested — one for drug possession and another for DUI.

Alec Baldwin just finished up a successful run on “30 Rock” and after he finishes his run on Broadway with “Orphans,” he’ll be looking for his next gig. He’d really like to stay in NY and he thinks he’s come up with a great idea. Why not host a late night talk show? Everybody’s doing it! And he thinks he’d be perfect to take over Carson Daly’s late LATE night time slot for “Last Call.” Sources say nothing is set in stone, but there have been “conversations.”

Kris Jenner filled in for Chelsea Handler on “Chelsea Lately” and had her three oldest daughters sitting on the panel. When the subject of Amanda Bynes’ crazy behavior at an adults gymnastics class came up, Kim said, “Am I the only one that is obsessed with her new makeover? I think she looks amazing. With the blonde hair and those nails?” And Khloe said she didn’t think it was abnormal to wear fishnets to the gym. She LOVED it. Amanda apparently heard about the girls’ nice comments and tweeted, “I love the beautiful Kardashian sisters! I wish E picked better photographs of me! I feel pregnant when I’m fat! I’m working out constantly!” Remember, Amanda also tweeted recently that she suffers from an eating disorder and wants to weigh 100 pounds. She also said she would like media outlets to only use selfies she posts herself and not the unflattering photos taken by random paparazzi.

Lindsay Lohan was a guest on “The Late Show with David Letterman” last night to promote her appearance in “Scary Movie 5.” Of course, Dave gave her a little grief about her upcoming trip to rehab, but Lindsay said it was nothing to joke about. She’s taking it very seriously and considers it a blessing — especially since it keeps her out of jail! Then Dave got real serious and talked about how he was afraid she’d never come on his show again because of all the jokes. He said, “Yet you have enough spine, enough sense of yourself, enough poise to come out here and talk to me.” Lindsay was moved to tears.

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