Did Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel secretly get married this weekend?

A tragic story out of Hollywood — director Tony Scott committed suicide yesterday by jumping off a bridge in LA. He was 68 years old. Tony directed Tom Cruise in his blockbuster movies “Top Gun” and “Days of Thunder.” He also directed “Beverly Hills Cop II,” “Enemy of the State,” “Crimson Tide,” and “The Fan,” just to name a few. But yesterday afternoon, witnesses say Tony didn’t hesitate when he climbed onto the Vincent Thomas Bridge and jumped. He left behind a note in his car with contact information and a suicide note was later found in his office. He leaves behind a wife and two sons.

It was one year ago that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries promised to love each other for better or worse, ’til death do they part. Oh well! Seventy-two days later, Kim decided it couldn’t get any worse and she filed for divorce. And here they are on their one-year anniversary, battling it out in court. Kris’ rumored one-time girlfriend Myla Sinanaj is scheduled to be deposed today, and she called Kim a “cruel B” for scheduling it on their wedding anniversary. But it could backfire on Kim because Myla reportedly will testify that Kris told her that Kim defrauded him into marriage. He’s hoping to have the whole thing annulled.

Producers of the final “Twilight” movie have announced that neither Kristen Stewart nor Robert Pattinson will attend any of the final four conventions to celebrate the ending of the vampire franchise. “Twilight” fanatics hoping to see their beloved Bella and Edward in the flesh will be sorely disappointed. And now it’s being announced that despite no scandal whatsoever, Taylor Lautner won’t be at any of the conventions, either. So fans are stuck with leftover werewolves and vampires at these final four events. “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” opens November 16.

Right after the world found out about Chris Brown and Rihanna’s abusive relationship, Oprah tried HARD to get Rihanna to talk about it on her daytime talk show. Rihanna wasn’t ready to talk then, but now that Oprah has some network nobody seems to be able to find, she decided the time was right to sit down and spill her guts. On “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” Rihanna admits that almost 3 years later, she still loves Chris. In fact, she thinks Chris Brown could be the love of her life. But for now, they are not together. Rihanna says she’s single Chris is in a relationship, but the two of them are very close friends. Since the restraining order was lifted, Rihanna told Oprah that the two of them have built a trust again. She says, “We love each other and we probably always will.

Did Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake get married over the weekend? A well-respected gossip columnist in Hollywood reported that the couple were married on Saturday at a private estate in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is where Justin popped the question over the Christmas holiday. Reportedly, one of Justin’s friends has a ranch in Jackson Hole and for the past two weeks, a stage was being built for SOMETHING. And then over the weekend, a celebrity wedding cake designer tweeted about how beautiful Jackson Hole is. Coincidence? Hmmm….So far, no comment from any reps, which is exactly what happened when the couple got engaged.